Fio The Frenchie




We would like to introduce our top model, the super stylish and very dapper, Fio The Frenchie.

Thank you Daniella for the wonderful biography and fun facts about your oh so awesome canine son. 

Reagrds, Marian Snow/Owner, Bone And Bow Tie



Fio's Bio: 


Fiorenzo "Fio" Valentine Bordonaro Thomas was originally from a rural town in Mifflinburg, PA. He was one of 3 puppies with a yearning for more. He wanted to get out of his small town and find love with a family in a perfect little city. In 2014 Fio's parents decided they too needed more- Not more shoes, not more guitars, something different. Fio's dad, never a "dog person", decided for Daniella's birthday to take their relationship to the next level by getting her an adorable, feisty and incredibly funny little french bulldog. And Joseph and Daniella were never the same. 

Today Fio is mom's little muse. He is an international fashion icon, thanks to Bone and Bow Tie. After receiving his first B&BT collar, the obsession truly started. Fio loves playing with fashion- either collared shirts and impeccable neckwear, jean jackets and a hint of color, or topless and wrapped with a bowtie- @Fiothefrenchie is the name you will hear when it comes to Men's Fashion. 



Fio Fun Facts:


  • When Fio was almost one he broke his arm by being a little too curious with a cardboard box. Fio is now not your average French Bulldog and has a metal plate in his arm. He refers to himself as "bionic" and thinks the metal plate makes him look like he works out. 

  • Fio has done water aerobics. He hated it. 

  • Fio loves tomatoes, arugula, peanut butter, ice cream, yogurt and carrots. And prosciutto and american bacon. 

  • Fio has "Napoleon Syndrome" / "Little Man Syndrome" - he gets very jealous of taller, burlier dogs daily. 

  • He still lives with his parents but has his own condo. 

  • He is currently (kind of) single and lives in Wakefield, MA



Fio And Family:










Thank you Daniella for the beautiful images of Fio that you have shared with me. I am forever grateful and appreciative for your kind heart and your friendship.   I am blessed that our paths have crossed and thankful that you have been part of my Bone And Bow Tie journey. 

Always, Marian